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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inside my messy Old Town, boho, studio

My flea market basket and gypsy candelabra.  (I don't want to burn it anymore since I got the wax looking so fantastic!)

Coziness with most of the RUSH albums behind it....collection is almost complete!

My darling Free People bike....I would ride it everywhere if I could. 
Birdie bubble bath holder.

A hint of Paris is everywhere. 
More books and more shelves!  Can't have too many books.

So colorful! You can't even see the clothes stacked 3 feet above this. lol Perhaps a later post.  

I tried to get a better shot at my clothing rack... but unfortunately I don't have much space in my closet.   

My boyfriend and I are very musical.....the congas and the electric guitar.

My favorite location in the apartment.

Autographed picture from one of my idols.... Peter Falk aka. Columbo and Grandpa from "The Princess Bride;" ornately decorated with my Michael Kors horn watch, Parisien coasters, vintage Ray Ban's, and log jewelry box from Breckenridge, CO.  

I spy my favorite geek glasses!

I love my guitar and my straw bag from my Great Aunts when they were in Mexico.

One of my many necklace hangers.  (These are my newest/most current.)

Flea market finds by the tons and my Paris map coasters that my mom made from our travel maps.

I love bunnies.....especially when they are holding my precious rings. 
Quite possibly my favorite souvenir....a hot plate from the Notre Dame gift shop in Paris, FR. :)  Partnered with my nesting bird salt and pepper shakers.  

I love capturing memories and heritage through book shelf decorating.  "The Crown" painting is from Madison, WI Art on the Square and the little Berlin Bear is from my relatives in Germany.  

Zoomed out view....

Eclectic accessory and beauty shelf....I love my cushy fabric jewelry box my mom's college roommate made in the 60's. 
A lovely whale that my grandfather made out of drift wood from Lake Michigan.  

The very important nourishment area!  Coffee, coffee grinder, WINE!

My Work Station: Updating the blog and researching my upcoming trip to NYC

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How I'm Feeling Today in the Inspiration World

5 Inch and Up

Because I'm Addicted

Fashion Canvas

Saucy Glossie

Style by Kling

Surialiste via Tumblr

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life I Love You, All is Groovy: Paul Simon at Constitution Hall

  Wednesday night was full of fun and dancing at Constitution Hall, Washington D.C.  I kicked off the night at Aria, at Federal Triangle and meandered by the White House and Washington Monument to see the legendary Paul Simon at Constitution Hall.  Truly a magical night.  Highlights included:  The Obvious Child, So Beautiful or So What, Sound of Silence, and Boy in the Bubble.  I was also excited to busy out my lovely kaftan dress from www.freepeople.com  
(I apologize about the photo quality, I'm having camera issues)

Life as a Hippie is Just.....Better

I apologize for all the fashion inspiration this week (even though it's pretty great...) I have been very busy with my video editing projects and have some great personal photos to share in hopefully my next post.


(photos via Cupcakes and Cashmere, Tumblr, Lily, Honestly WTF