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Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Morning World!

How were your weekends?  Mine was delightful and a little exhausting.  The torrential downpours that started yesterday and continue today left me feeling extra out-of-sorts this Monday morning.  
The recap:
Thursday- Exercised like a fiend to prepare for dinner at Cava with my lovely friend Jess.  Absolutely amazing cocktails and Greek tapas.  

Friday: My lovely boyfriend took me for Thai food in Old Town which is always fantastic.  Then we went for a long walk and just admired how beautiful the town and all the lovely row houses are.  

Saturday: Biked to Nationals Park to see the Nats dominate the Marlins.  

....and my Macaron cases arrived!

Sunday: Breakfast for Bittersweet in bed as the rain set in.   Then went and indulged in employee appreciation at the new Anthropologie on my street.  Check out the goodies!

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