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Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Morning Baltimore!

At last!  Here are some of my Baltimore Photos.  Bret and I thought we'd make the hour journey North of D.C. to catch our favorite band, RUSH for the 6th time.  While the concert didn't disappoint, the city did.  Mostly we stayed at the worst hotel ever and during Easter the city was abandoned and left empty and extra sketchy.  Once we wandered to the harbor the trip proved to be more fun.  

Can you sense the sarcasm?

The crowds loved the street performer.

A reference to my favorite Columbo episode.....everyone should check it out... "Any Old Port in a Storm"

Really cool ships....this one even shot canons every now and then.  

This is one of the best Urban Outfitters I've ever been in....I found a lovely maxi skirt and boxy cropped sweater tee.  

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