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Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Morning World

I hope everyone had a splendid and relaxing weekend.  Mine was very uneventful but none-the-less amazing.  

Friday: The DC area got hit with storms of biblical proportions.  I cooked for my bf and we had a nice night in.

Saturday: Breakfast at Bittersweet in Old Town, visited my favorite shops, and got my hair done by the fabulous Hanna at London Bob.   That evening I went into DC to see a movie at the EStreet Cinema, do some shopping, and have a wonderful camembert tartine at Paul's with a view of the National Archives. 

Sunday: Started the day right with an intense Body Attack class.  Then made the usual rounds in Arlington....coffee, mini golf, pink berry.  The rest of day consisted sadly of chores and prepping for the week of work.  

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