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Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Morning World 9/17

Good morning world! How was your weekend?  Here is my personal recap....

FRIDAY: Celebrated the end of the work week with the return of the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale at Pizza Paradiso in Old Town.

SATURDAY: Biked to the walk for Farm Animal on the national mall where I got to meet Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  It was great fun getting to hang with other like-minded vegetarians and vegans to educate others, eat some good vegan food, and jam to some liberal local artists.  

Followed the great event with some paddle boating on the tidal basin.  I finally got to see the new Martin Luther King monument up close.  

SUNDAY: I hate leaving chores for Sunday, but that's how it happened this week.   Started my morning with a Body Attack class and some Pilates followed by grocery shopping and tackling the long over-due task of printing the Paris trip pictures.  Now time to start the scrapbook!  

For my foodie followers....my bf cooked up our favorite vegan dish - tofu marsala!  

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