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Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Morning World!

via 5 Inch & Up

Another lovely summer weekend has passed.  What did yours consist of?  Here is my breakdown of the highlights:
Friday: Bret's turn to cook some veggie spagetti for me :) mmmm...  and catching up  with our netflix.

Saturday: Despite the cold rain, I biked to Eastern Market for a Summer Brie crepe (brie, raspberries, and blueberries).  Then biked to the first Nats Game of a double header.  Game was very cold, rainy, and we lost :(   But they won the second game!  Later that night I went and saw the new Batman.  Really fun movie, but I don't think it was particularly amazing.

Sunday:  Met up with some girlfriends for a delicious brunch at the famous Capitol Hill spot Ted's for some homemade poptarts and mimosa.  We then wandered over to Eastern Market and found some amazing vintage leather handbags.  I then relaxed at Pergrine espresso and caught it with my family back home.

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