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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello World

Hello world!

You've probably been wondering what happened to Vive La Mandy.  At least I hope you've been wondering.  I have been living the life and dropped off the grid abruptly for a little over a week in Paris.   Right now I am struggling with the worst post vacation depression EVER so I've been slacking at reviving the blog.  I will share my 800+ photos (hey, it's the most photogenic city on the planet) on TGIFrench Fridays.  The trip was like a dream. Paris never disappoints.

I'll be back with style inspiration this afternoon.

Recouping by decorating my home with diptyque

Visiting Jim Morrison on the anniversary of his death at Pere Lachaise

Stuffing my face with the most delicious macaroons on the planet.

Being happier than I ever thought possible.

Relaxing with tasty treats at Parc des buttes chaumont

Shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping at....dipytque, lauduree, mariage freres, le bon marche, princess tam tam, and countless others.

How I am overcoming not actually being a Parisian.

My day as Marie Antoinette in the gardens of Versaillles

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