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Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Morning World!

I hope everyone had a fun yet relaxed weekend.  Winter finally hit the D.C area which meant a shocking chill and lack of enthusiasm to be outside.  

Friday: Engaged in a quick and fun surprise birthday party at Free People for our store manager Alex.  I saw John Hodgman at the Birchmere for a fun night of geek comedy.  Nothing like a comedy show and a bottle of wine to kick off the weekend.

Saturday:  Got a much needed hair cut (just a trim). Began working on a claymation video project (stay tuned)!  Ran errands for the week including my next batch of ebay sales.  Fed our favorite ducks at the Alexandria waterfront and indulged in way too much Starbucks.

Sunday:  Finally booked the hotel in Paris for our early summer trip!  I CANNOT WAIT! And I made a video for the StyleMint February Tee moment contest. Fingers crossed on winning that!  If I'm going to Paris in June I need to save all the $$$ I can.  Winning a year supply of StyleMint tees would really help me out.  

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