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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Fresh Face

So I have been having a lot of conversations about complexion maintenance and thought this would be a fun post to share skin regimens.  Feel free to comment on your favorite miracle workers, but here is my list.

1.) Clarisonic facial cleansing system; I either use a gentle scrub or (next product)...

3.) Thermal scrub. I am a sucker for the avon skin care products. For the prices I really think they are the best.  I notice instant results with all the anew stuff.  This scrub is a perfect exfoliator to warm-up with as it heats up when you start massaging it into your face.  It provides a deeper cleanse and feels simply amazing.  

2.) I realize I am out of order but you don't want to use too many exfoliators so I alternate days....days when I don't use the thermal scrub I use the Avon chemical peel pads.  (About 3 times a week).  THESE ARE MY MIRACLE WORKER! I would DIE without them.  Within seconds of using this peel, my skin looks brand new and naturally shiny.  This is truly a product with instant results.

4.) After exfoliating and putting on this day and night serum my skin looks pretty flawless and feels velvety to the touch.  Since it's a power skin rejuvenator I need to make sure I follow up with a lot of SPF since anti-aging products make the sun extra deadly.  

5.) L'Occitane Angelica Toner (very gentle for after exfoliation and smells divine). Takes away any redness.

6.) L'Occitane Anjelica Sun Shield.  My moisturizer always contains the highest spf possible since the key to healthy skin is preservation.  If you want bronze skin go for healthy alternatives...wrinkly skin is never sexy and it will catch up to you.

7.) If I have any imperfections to hide I just dab on a little erase paste by Benefit.  This magic concealer is shimmery so my whole face still has a natural shine and glow to it.  I oppose any matte or obvious makeup...I prefer the aux naturale look with rich creams and minor touch-ups. 

8.) Sugar lip treatment gives my lips a natural dab of color and keeps them soft, healthy, and sun safe all day!

Those are my secret skin tips! On a side note I also take vitamin D and biotin supplements which help make hair, skin, and nails radiant. 

What are you beauty secrets? 

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  1. I just ordered the Avon peel. Thanks for sharing your glowing complexion secrets!