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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Morning World

I meant to update yesterday, but it was a hectic morning.  How was everyone's weekend?  Mine consisted of Friday night dinner at the Columbia Firehouse near my apartment.  This restaurant embodies much of what I love about living in Old Town.  This historic building was built in 1883 and was once a working firehouse.  Now it is a gorgeous restaurant with chandeliers and lovely old brick.  In spring the courtyard is full of pink cherry blossoms making it the best setting for a nice brunch.  

Saturday's freezing rain led to a much drawn out morning of making breakfast, spinning records, and playing scrabble with my love.  Sometimes you need those rainy days inside to improve mental health.  I did eventually leave to go stock up on Trader Joe's goodies and to make some home made sushi.  

 Sunday was my day to explore.  I went and checked out the national aquarium!  Some highlights included the albino alligator, a nautilus, and a blow fish. Got to love the winter for encouraging some indoor exploration for a change.

Now to begin working and enjoying my venti bold!

Teri Chung

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